Shipping Policy

  • At Eco Sweet Home, for your convenience, most items will qualify for free shipping. Items that do not qualify are stated as such at checkout and the following rules may apply depending on the order.
  • If two or more items for the shipping method "parcel delivery" are ordered, the shipping costs will be charged only once.
  • An exception is the delivery of FSK / USK 18 items . Due to the necessary age check, the delivery of the FSK / USK 18 items are always done separately. This delivery is always to be received personally by you. Please have your ID card ready for this type of delivery. A delivery to an unauthorized person is unfortunately not possible. Therefore, when ordering multiple items, the FSK / USK 18 delivery will always be charged additionally.
  • If your order includes a large unit with delivery and an item that is delivered as a package, the highest shipping costs of all items will be charged only once. This also applies to the delivery of several large-scale facilities
  • The delivery of a product is usually 1 to 2 working days , depending on the product group, availability and shipping method.
  • Have you ordered several products with different delivery times ? Then the longest delivery time applies to the entire order. By doing so we try to avoid additional shipping costs for you. At your request, we can also ship the items as soon as they are available. There could be an additional delivery cost for every package.