Manuka Oil and Health

You may be aware of Manuka Honey but maybe you are not as familiar with a related product from the same plant - Manuka Oil. Derived from the leaves of the Manuka which is typically found in New Zealand, the extracted oil has many benefits including improvements to various health conditions. 

Using Manuka Oil will help with many conditions as it has properties related to antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-histamine, and helpful for allergy sufferers as well as common skin conditions. Use it as a natural relief for insect bites. Tea Tree Oil is commonly used for these conditions but in some cases it is preferred to use Manuka Oil.

Manuka as an essential oil has a myriad of medicinal claims. It is collection through the process of distilling the leaves of the plant with steam. It has a long history dating prior to the arrival of europeans to New Zealand. It was used by the native Maori for many types of ailments. Common uses from pre-european time were for urinary infections and to reduce fevers. Often the leaves were steamed and the boiled water was inhaled through the mouth and nose for treating head colds. Manuka Oil today has been revived as a leading healer for many types of conditions.

This Manuka essential oil is popular for aromatherapy and is a common ingredient for skincare products. It is used cosmetically and also as a unique and exotic flavoring ingredient.

Use for Antibacterial Conditions 

Massaging the oil into your head will help with many anti bacterial conditions such as infection or even dandruff. It will nourish and replenish the scalp and restore youthful properties. Remember to add to your nightly routine and wake up with a fresh feeling. A few drops can be added to your scalp before retiring to sleep. Try NZ Country Pure oil for best results.

Treat Anti-fungal Skin Infections

Manuka honey has well known antibacterial and healing properties. This extends to the oil obtained from the leaves of the plant. Using it for skin conditions such as acne or eczema, can dramatically improve and lower the severity of the condition. Expect skin quality to improve with extended use and overall improvement of health. 

Apply it to common fungal infections such as running ears or athletes foot as part of your treatment regimen.

Manuka Oil has Anti-inflammatory Properties

Manuka honey has been shown in research to reduce inflammation and help with inflammatory bowel disease. Since Manuka honey was not only capable of treating intestinal inflammation and the accompanying severe pain, but has proven to repair free radical damage and protect against colonic damage.

This extends to the anti-inflammatory properties of Manuka Oil. It is naturally anti-inflammatory in nature and can reduce or relieve inflammatory conditions even from a viral infection such as the common cold or influenza virus.

Don't rule out using manuka oil for massages. Working the oil into your skin can help relieve moments of inflammation. 

It is good for treating Allergies

Recent studies have shown that birch pollen honey can help to reduce seasonal allergies. When compared to regular honey, there was a slight improvement for people with allergies but overall the study group for both birch pollen honey and regular honey significantly lowered their use of anti-histamines and reduced symptoms by 60% compared to the control group. 

This study has implications for the benefits that Manuka honey can have for seasonal allergy sufferers. Whether it's reactions to pollen, dust or even animals. It is also worth trying Manuka oil to calm and sedate the bodies over active immune response and provide some relief.

At Eco Sweet Home we recommend several brands of Manuka Oil that are proven to be reliable. One of the best is New Zealand Country which can be used on a daily basis and even to nourish your skin.