Key Measurements for Bathtub Sizes

Standard Bathtub Sizes and Key Measurements


When it comes to increasing space that certain smaller sized living spaces and bathrooms have, there is not much of a difference. The size of the space is not that important. This is because contemporary housing progresses in order to fit any style regardless of the space. Professionals in this area such as interior decorators and bathroom designers do an excellent job to fit in all factors tastefully while at the same time opening up space for any modern aspect anyone might choose.


There is no need to worry when it comes to the size regarding how quality your design is. Just learning certain important dimensions and common fixture sizes will allow you to use a smaller space to your advantage. Ultimately, you will be able to use these rooms as great opportunities to make them as tasteful as possible. However, there are certain figures that you should know of such as standard bathtub size, volume held in gallons etc. Just by knowing certain standard dimensions and fixtures, you will be able to fit everything perfectly in with a small or medium bath. Considering the fact that you will be using less material for bathrooms you have the extra choice of increasing the quality of certain finishes. This means you end up saving some money.


The standard Size of a Bathtub.

The first important thing is the shape and size of the bathroom. Available space also plays a huge role in dictating the bathtub size you need in order to keep this element in harmony with the rest of the bathroom. The standard dimensions for bathtubs with apron fronts are 60 inches in length and 30-32 inches in width (152 centimeters, 76-81 centimeters). The standard tub size in gallons is anywhere from 40 gallons for a smaller bathtub to just over a 100 gallons for a large single person version.

It is not that difficult to find a 5-foot bathtub. However, deeper tubs can be a bit more difficult to find if you want to decorate your large bathroom with a big bathtub. A shower tub might be a better option if showing is your major concern when using the bathtub rather than soaking. On the other hand, a deeper bathtub is the better choice if you intend on using it for soaking rather than showering more often.


In certain instances, it will not be a problem if your bathtub is wider than 5 feet. You have the options of installing a longer tub or even creating a niche. This, in turn, will make everything much more comfortable.


Drop-in tubs are not a bad choice either. They work great if you have 3 closing walls These types of tubs do not have an apron front, so many people tend to finish the face of the tub with tiles.


There is a common connection design when it comes to shorter, deeper tubs for soaking and Japanese style tubs. Because of these dimensions, there is leftover space at the end of the tub for a shower seat or a shelf. If you are considering a glass enclosure, also keep the height of the glass reach in mind. Any showers or baths that have a steam function must be completely enclosed. In any other case, the top of the glass has to be 76 inches (193 centimeters) away from the floor. It would also be a good idea to match this exact height with the tiles or the height of the doors in the bathroom.


Significant measurements of the double vanity size

It does not matter what style your bathroom has. Whether it is modern, traditional or even a combination of both, the right vanity is a crucial part that can hold the overall look of your bathroom. For example, if you take a double vanity, you can have two sinks that have a width of 60 inches (152 centimeters) but having a width of 72 inches (183 centimeters) or even more is what you should be going for.


The most important thing here is measurement. There are certain measurements you have to consider when thinking of a vanity. Firstly, you have to have enough room for the shower door openings, the entrance, and trim. Depending on the space, the better option would be to have the drawers or vanity doors measured against the very same dimensions of the bathroom.

Measuring the size of vanity cabinets is another important aspect. They key here is to know how much storage space you might need. Taking into consideration that the standard countertop is 31-inches, you might have to work around that. Adults might choose a higher countertop while models with a lesser height are good for children.


Things like electrical switches, outlets and mirrors are some other aspects to take note of. You might want to check the plumbing location as well. This will play a big role in getting the right width of your vanity.

When it comes to standard double vanity cabinets, here are a few measurements that you might want to keep in mind. The usual width ranges from 12-84 inches. Typical cabinet widths are 24, 30, 36, 48 and 60 inches. The height is between 31 and 35.5 inches and the depth can be anywhere from 17-24 inches.


You might want a vanity without a top. This means that you should also measure the counter-top. Measuring the depth and width of the vanity cabinet is very important here. It should be an inch wider and an inch deeper than the vanity cabinet.


The Shower unit

While some people prefer having a soak in the bathtub, others simply enjoy having a good old shower. Fitting a shower in the bathroom is a lot better than fitting a tub because space is designed for only one thing rather than both. Usually, a ready-made shower unit is custom fitted into space. This is one less thing to worry about. Also, keep in mind that some showers offer the choice of either having a glass wall or a shower curtain.

A lot of people have a curb in order to help the measure the showers perimeters. Usually, this curb is about 3-4 inches high (8- 10 centimeters) and 4-6 inches (10-15 centimeters). Usually, a shower that has a curb is not considered a more modern design. This might be true, but because of certain practical necessities, this design is often a better option. Once again, as in the case of tubs, the general measurements and dimensions of the shower unit are important when it comes to making sure it fits well with the rest of the bathroom.


Shower curtain vs. Shower doors

There are certain tricks regarding this element of your bathroom. Though having a curtain might make the shower a more comfortable experience, shower doors generally make the bathroom seem a lot larger. Also, keep in mind that showers that have a steam function usually have to be closed in order to stop any heat loss.


It does not matter if you choose to have a shower or a tub. As long as you have the measurements you will be able to incorporate either option into your bathroom.